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1714 N. Mascher St, Phila, PA

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In 2009 <fidget> (Megan Bridge and Peter Price) opened thefidget space, a warehouse in Kensington where they live and work. Following the Situationist model, <fidget> embraces the ideas of Raoul Vaneigem who declared, in his 1967 book The Revolution of Everyday Life, “The work of art of the future will be the construction of a passionate life.” Bridge and Price work towards this vision every day, living in and raising two kids in their work space, inviting art and artists into their home.

Since 2009, <fidget> has curated and produced hundreds of different programs ranging from seminar series and free lectures to work-in-progress showings, experimental dance, music, and theater performances. <fidget> purposely frames its curation around supporting events that would likely not happen elsewhere in Philadelphia. The list of people who have walked up the four flights of steps to the Kensington loft includes choreographers Lucinda Childs, Willi Dorner, Deborah Hay, Susan Rethorst, and Xavier Le Roy, composers and musicians Dan Blacksburg, King Britt, Tim Brady, Audrey Chen, Rob Haskins, Bhob Rainey, and Alex Waterman, and theorists Brian Massumi, Erin Manning, and Aliza Shvarts.

“thefidget space is a living, immediate, safe, supportive, inventive, interactive workspace for people getting together to condition their lives for maximum actualized human potential.”
-Steve Bulack, audience member

The rehearsal area at thefidget space consists of a 16′ X 32′ sprung, marley covered dance floor (no shoes on dance floor please) which is situated in a 1500 square foot room with 6 huge windows letting in natural light. There are plenty of couches, tables, and chairs for brainstorming and lounging. There is also a refrigerator for your use! We have a sound system with CD player and iPod hookup, as well as a DVD player. Our rehearsal rate is currently $15/hour. To schedule your rehearsal time please see below.





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To book a time in the space, email {fidgetspace@gmail.com}. To make the process as simple as possible, please include:

+Name of contact for the booking
+Contact email
+Contact phone number
+Date and Times required
Please include all of the above information, even if you think we have it already. You will get an email response within 24 hours of your request. If you are trying to book space less than 24 hours in advance, we’ll do the best we can to accomodate you.

If you have questions or comments about booking the space, please feel free to email fidgetspace(at)gmail(dot)com
Other questions about <fidget> or thefidget space can be sent to megan(at)thefidget(dot)org