Subject In Two Parts

Press for Subject In Two Parts

Philadelphia Inquirer (2008)
Philadelphia Inquirer (2012)
thINKingDANCE (2012)

Subject In Two Parts (2008) was created in collaboration with director Greg Giovanni and dancers Meg Foley, John Luna, Lorin Lyle, and Rebecca Sloan. Subject in Two Parts is a study of the performative nature of identity and the fragmented and slippery subject that is created by continuous exposure to media and mediation. Bridge and fellow dancers invoke figures as diverse as performance artist Carolee Schneeman, the mother of writer William S. Burroughs, and cultural icon Marilyn Monroe to create a work that is funny, dark, sexy, and smart.

Creative Team for Subject In Two Parts (2012)

Director/Choreographer: Megan Bridge
Performers: Megan Bridge, John Luna, Lorin Lyle, Rebecca Sloan, Annie Wilson
Music: Peter Price
Video Designer: Peter Price (in collaboration with John Luna)
Costume Designer: Heidi Barr
Lighting Designer: Leigh Mumford

Production Requirements for Subject In Two Parts

Part One: Solo with video and small set. 17 minutes
Part Two: Proscenium stage with video and screen which requires simple rigging. Four dancers, one lighting technician. 30 minutes
The two sections may also be presented independently

subject in two parts – trailer from fidget on Vimeo.



Photos: William Herbert