Morphic Resonance

To attend to the resonance of forms, to morphic resonance, is to attend to the production of space by and between bodies. It is also to question the spatiality of the temporal.

Morphic Resonances 1-4 (2009-2010) is a research-based performance project. A solo dancing body is set into resonance with the materials that surround it. These materials may include: aluminum foil, pixels, corn starch, sesame seeds, four walls, some people watching, and sound. There is cause and effect.

Morphic Resonance is a becoming: as its language becomes more intelligible to us, its systems take clearer shape before our audience. We gather our materials and approach each performance situation as a frame that re-orients and gives new definition to the work.

Creative Team for Morphic Resonance

Choreography/Performer: Megan Bridge
Music and Video Designer: Peter Price

Production Requirements for Morphic Resonance

Space size and details are negotiable. A projection surface and basic sound system are required. One dancer, one technician. 10-60 minutes

video of Morphic Resonance 4 (West Chester University, November 2010)

video design for Morphic Resonance 2

video of Morphic Resonance 2 (excerpt)