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“Smart, hip and cleverly performed.”

—The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Megan Bridge has made a name for herself locally as 
an intriguing, experimental dancer/choreographer with sterling credentials…”

 —The Philadelphia CityPaper

“Very strong dance and technology pieces…”

—The Philadelphia Inquirer

“I was struck by how conceptual the work was and how it used a variety of media to tackle its themes…”


“…grounded in the discourses of contemporary art, culture, and theory.”


“Dancing as attenuated and rarefied as a wisp of smoke…”

 —The Philadelphia Inquirer

“One of Philadelphia’s most elegant movers and conceptual choreographers.”

—Key to Philadelphia

“Hilarious…putting modern dance in a sidesplitting new perspective.”

  —The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Megan has a deeply engaging presence on stage…”

  —Nick Stuccio, FringeArts artistic director and founder