Help <fidget> carry our light into 2017

We love the work that we do, and we think it’s pretty important. As you probably also know, it’s difficult to sustain a non-profit arts organization in the US in 2016. Most of us rely heavily on individual contributions from supporters like you. This year we have a lofty goal: to raise $5000 for our 2017 operating budget by the end of the year. We can do it, but only with your support! We are asking for your contribution to our annual campaign. It’s super easy to donate through our new online portal.

Here is a short list of some pretty cool things we’ve done in 2016. This is the kind of stuff we will keep doing in 2017, and this is why we need you:
  • We hosted three experimental music performances, two overnight sleep concerts, two dance performances, and one lecture at our home, thefidget space
  • We offered a series of dance technique classes (“Old Skool”) for all levels, open to the public, at thefidget space.
  • We provided space for artists and radical thinkers to come together and process next steps after the 2016 US election, and we’ll continue to meet in the New Year.
  • We lectured, taught, performed, or attended conferences throughout the US and abroad, serving as ambassadors for the incredibly rich performance community that exists in Philly right now. Highlights included performing Dust at the international tanzmesse nrw (Germany) and lecturing at the Alternative Histories of Electronic Music Conference (London); we were also in Ann Arbor, Brooklyn, Copenhagen, Detroit, Malta, Montreal, and New York (upstate and the city).