SP3 at Scratch Night


January 9, 2017
at FringeArts (140 N Columbus Blvd)

SP3 (Space Pulse Pattern Presence) is a new interdisciplinary work created in collaboration by co-directors Megan Bridge and Peter Price, and performed by a cast of six dancers. Through pattern-based repetitions that loop and evolve, SP3 uses sound and movement to play with shifting performance qualities, approaching “presence” as material to be shaped and cultivating a sensitivity to time unfolding, to environment, to human relation.

SP3’s movement incorporates clarity of line, specificity of gesture, and detail of facial expression to create clear, formal architectures that are populated with densely textured and complex movement content. The choreography periodically takes on the role of “music” at certain moments throughout the work, with the pulsed repetitions of the dancers’ movements in silence creating a visual and audible musical score.

Price’s electronic music score uses algorithmic approaches (that is, sounds generated through mathematical processes) to pulse pattern minimalism— a style of music created with a steady pulse but with the rhythmic complexity of shifting accents and cross rhythms.