Sonic Flow


Working in interactive performance technologies for over a decade, Megan Bridge and Peter Price’s current research engages with live signal processing, allowing physical movements of the body to effect parameters of video and sound. Using infrared depth sensors, points of the body (a wrist, a knee, a hip), are tracked in 3 dimensions, and can be mapped as data to parameters of digital sound and image. This allows for an improvisational practice of deep and spontaneous connection. Performing in Christ Church’s burial ground – final resting place of 18th century experimentalist Benjamin Franklin – Bridge and Price will invite passers-by to try out the technology, controlling with their own bodies the ongoing sonic flow. Peter will also be performing the same afternoon at the Burial Ground with the new music ensemble Relache.

September 28 (2pm-5pm)
Christ Church Burial Ground, 5th and Arch St.

Sonic Flow has been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, and is part of a week-long series of music events in and around Christ Church.

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