Performance as Practice Workshop


Performance as Practice: solo and collaborative development 
February 27 – 28, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
$15/day, $25 (both days)

thefidget space (1714 North Mascher Street)

Performance as Practice is a workshop based on the personal and collaborative works of William “Bilwa” Costa and Jasmin Schaitl. PaP is open to dance, movement, performance art, and improvisation artists of all levels, professional and university, who are interested in further developing a solo and collaborative body-based art practices.

PaP is a practical workshop which explores various approaches to a personal performance practice, including: concept development, physical and mental preparation, experimentation, and execution. We will focus on different modes and methods of performance including: assessment, improvisation, working with objects, materials, scores, structures, repetition, site – specific vs. site -relative, reduction, and duration.

The goal is to develop a personal practice which is applicable to solo and group situations.

In July 2013, Jasmin Schaitl and William “Bilwa” Costa began a collaborative duo. Since then they have performed, led workshops, and have been artists in residence throughout Europe and the UK. Their work is a continuous process of: practice, assessment, reflection, accumulation, and reduction. The two artists have an ongoing series of performances, as well as interest in further research through leading workshops. Their performances address the physical relationship between two performers while exploring the correlation between, and potentials of: duration – ephemerality, proximity – distance, transformation – alteration, and duality – unison. Their goal is to find the essence of an action and to explore this action to it’s full potential.

William “Bilwa” Costa (US) is an artist who works in the performing, sound, and visual arts contexts. Improvisation and collaboration with other artists are essential elements of his work. He works internationally, generating research, lab, and performance projects, actively cultivating opportunities for artists to work together on new inter-disciplinary experiments. Bilwa has performed, led workshops, and been a guest lecturer in N. America, Europe, and Australia. www.bilwa.net

Jasmin Schaitl (AT) is an artist and performer with a visual arts background. She works site­relatively, creating installation environments, where the witnesses’ perception of space is modified through her actions. In herdurational works, she emphasizes the individual perception of time passing, through repetition and slow movement. Her work often contains sensual elements and haptic experiences. Instead of constructing narratives, she bases her actions on the simplicity of specific movements. www.jasminschaitl.com

This project is made possible with the kind support of Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.