March Fidget Forum


March 4th will be the second Fidget Forum of the year. Peter Price will present his lecture “Turn On…Tune In…Move: Counter-Cultural Movement Practices, 1967-69”. Peter’s scholarly research on the counter-culture in the US has recently led him to a deepening investigation of the “hippie years” 1967-1969. His lecture at the University of Basel, “The Death of the Hippie” 1967-1969 led to a three day conference on the subject. “Turn On…Tune In…Move” takes a closer look at movement practices in both experimental concert dance contexts, and in the vernacular ‘freak dancing’ of the hippies.


Date: March 4th

Location: The Fidget Space, 1714 N. Mascher St., Philadephia, PA

Time: 7pm