Infoladen: The consciousness immersed in the brain of the city


Infoladen: The consciousness immersed in the brain of the city designer and artist, Gus Gscheidle, explores forms of visual communication in the public sphere. How do images layer up?  How does the ceaseless inflow of messages play out in the urban environment?  Our city layers it on thick: bus shelter ads, spray paint or wheat paste graffiti, band stickers, stapled show posters and on and on. Gscheidle is intrigued by how these images react differently on the various surfaces of our city’s ever-evolving topography.

Infoladen is an installation that you can walk through. It extracts and abstracts the interplay of image, color, texture and typography and looks at how they combine to bring a cohesive and compelling story, or history to realization.  It is both a collage and barrage.  It speaks to the pluralistic aesthetic values of urban space.

September 17th @ 5-8PM Opening Reception
September 18th & 19th, 12-4PM Gallery Hours
September 20th 3-6PM Closing

FREE, suggested donation
at thefidget space
More info: www.brainofthecity.com

About the Artist:
Gus Gscheidle is an accomplished graphic designer and artist. His design work has won regional and international awards, and has been published in a international design annual, and a book on package design. His personal artwork has been in group shows in Philadelphia, PA, and Rochester, NY. Using the many attributes of his art and design background, his personal work is decidedly Mixed Media Art. He is inspired by Dada, Pop Art, and Graphic Design, with a strong affinity for the artists Marcel Duchamp, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jasper Johns. This connection is evident in the use of typography, photography, traditional drawing, discarded newspapers, advertising flyers and found objects in his work.