There, there… an evening of experimental dance


December 12 – 13, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets: $10-$20 (sliding scale)

thefidget space (1714 North Mascher Street)

Featuring performances by:
Julie MayoThere, there
Asimina ChremosUntitled (collaboration with Jonathan Pfeffer, music)
Megan Bridge: Dust (work-in-progress excerpt)

*Laura Vriend will be facilitating a post show talk back on Saturday, December 13

Julie Mayo is a choreographer, teacher and director based in Brooklyn. There, there is a performance that questions the knowability of the very world it creates through an invitation into dislocation. Engaging and exiting formal constructs, playing with quotidian events, and defamiliarizing the recognizable, the work creates a palimpsest of perception through a foregrounding of the performer’s personas and their work of staying present amidst their circumstances. Performed by Julie Mayo, Katie Dean, Stacy Grossfield and Jillian Sweeney.
Photo credit: There, there; Maria Baranova

Asimina Chremos is a Philadelphia-based dancer/artist with interest in the continua between form and flow, nature and culture, repetition and change, and discipline and pleasure. She began her artistic career as a ballet dancer and has since moved into improvisational and experimental dance. Chremos will be collaborating with Jonathan Pfeffer (music) on a new work-in-progress that takes its jumping-off point from the icon of the goddess-like female vocalist in dance music, and dives down under the dancefloor.

Megan Bridge is a dancer, choreographer, curator, dance writer and co-director of <fidget>. She will show an excerpt of her choreographic staging of Dust, a ninety-minute experimental opera by composer Robert Ashley which will premiere at FringeArts in Philadelphia in April 2015. Performed by Megan Bridge.