Fall Experimental Music Festival 2013


4th annual festival Nov. 8th-10th
Tickets to each performance are: $10 online/$20 at the door
thefidget space, 1714 N. Mascher St., 4th floor

November 8th (8PM)
Sonorous Continuum: Movement and Sound
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Four distinct performative collaborations between musicians/composers and choreographers/dancers:
Mikronesia / Nora Gibson / Clifford Greer
<fidget> Megan Bridge / Peter Price
Loren Groenendaal / flandrew fleisenberg
Colleen Hooper / Drake Z. Tyler

Nov 9th (7PM-midnight)
Bring the Noise: a conversation around Afrofuturism & The Art of Noise Manifesto, with guest curator King Britt
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Check out discussions and performances by:
HANK SHOCKLEE (Public Enemy/Bomb Squad/Future Frequency)
HPRIZM (Anti-pop consortium)
COMPUTER JAY (Pugilista/Weird Science)
YTASHA WOMACK (author of Antifuturism)

Bring the Noise provides a platform for the investigation of the current state of afrofuturist philosophy and aesthetics of experimental music.
<fidget> conceives the ‘experimental’ as an approach towards the ‘already known’ and to the ‘not yet known’ that unfolds within many forms of music. King Britt, a DJ, producer, composer, performer and curator of electronic music, has a vision which fits in perfectly with our desire to continue to expand our understanding of the ‘experimental,’ and to bring vibrant, challenging and diverse musics to our audiences.

Nov 10th (7pm)
thingNY is back
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This takes place close by, devised and performed by thingNY, is a new set of operatic stories and scenes depicting people and places before, during and after a devastating storm. Told almost entirely in the dark and often by whispers, this immersive opera explores the eerie and the absurd through soundscapes, song, speech and imagery. The work is written and performed by Gelsey Bell, Andrew Livingston, Paul Pinto, Erin Rogers, Dave Ruder and Jeffrey Young.