a/cephalic discontents /


A discussion series curated by DAS UNBEHAGEN; co-curated by <fidget>
June 18, 2016 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
at thefidget space (1714 N Mascher Street)
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“…that being-such, which remains constantly hidden in the condition of belonging…”

a/cephalic discontents / is a series of text-based discussions on the question of community and group structure co-curated by various writerly, artistic and intellectual groups in Philadelphia and New York City. Sessions reflect on the possibilities and limits of alternative organization within the constraints of today’s capitalism while also functioning as nodes of intersection for various acephalic thinkers, groups and projects between New York City and Philadelphia.

The third session of a/cephalic discontents / takes a step back to the beginning of the alphabet, from B to A, in order to examine Giorgio Agamben’s “acephalic” meditations on the concept of community. The Coming Community — a title for Freudians — searches strange and forgotten corners of philosophy and theology for resources to envision other forms of group life and being-in-common latent within collectives based on exploitation and identification. Can concepts — the tools of philosophers — begin to create a space, through designation, for community structures and forms of life beyond both petit-bourgeois individualism and the projection of figures and essences of community? What, if anything at all, does conceptualizing such an ethos have to do with realizing it?

Space is limited; to register contact Patricia Gherovici at p​gherovici@aol.com​.