<fidget> is a platform for the experimental, ensemble-derived performance works of collaborators Megan Bridge (choreography) and Peter Price (design, music). On tour, <fidget>’s work has been performed in Vienna, Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Bytom, Poznań, Johannesburg, Zurich, New York, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Phoenix.

The origin of <fidget>’s work is multimedia dance theater, an orientation that follows the historical legacies of Bauhaus, Ausdruckstanz, 1960’s experimentalism, performance art of the 70’s and 80’s, and developing digital multimedia. Since 2000, Bridge and Price have created more than 20 collaborative works. In 2008 they founded <fidget>, and in 2009 opened thefidget space, a warehouse and experimental performance venue in Kensington, Philadelphia, where they live and work.

<fidget>’s performances are complex worlds, shifting landscapes, awkward dystopias with rules of their own. Referential and even appropriationist, the work is grounded in the discourses of contemporary art, culture, and theory (we like experiments), and can be seen as a sort of metaphysical spelunking: churning up bits of evidence with which to construct a biological commentary on the characteristics of a rapidly approaching post-human era. <fidget>’s work strives to cultivate a sensitivity to time unfolding, to the actual material of space, and centers around demystifying the performance experience, for artists and audience alike.

Central to <fidget>’s mission is decreasing the distance between art and life, between theory and practice. We do this by raising our family in our live/work space, and opening our space to other artists, researchers, and cultural workers who are making an impact on the world around us through hundreds of daily acts of creativity and resistance to the mainstream.

Support for <fidget> provided in part by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.