Introduction to <fidget>

<fidget> is a platform for the experimental, ensemble-derived performance works of collaborators
Megan Bridge (choreography) and Peter Price (design, music). Since 2000, Bridge and Price have
created more than 20 collaborative works of experimental multi-media dance theater. In 2008
they founded <fidget>, and in 2009 opened thefidget space, a warehouse and experimental
performance venue in Kensington, Philadelphia, where they live and work.

<fidget>’s performances are complex worlds, shifting landscapes, awkward dystopias with rules
of their own. Referential and even appropriationist, the work is grounded in the discourses of
contemporary art, culture, and theory, and can be seen as a sort of metaphysical spelunking:
churning up bits of evidence with which to construct a biological commentary on the
characteristics of a rapidly approaching post-human era. <fidget>’s work strives to cultivate a
sensitivity to time unfolding, to the actual material of space, and centers around demystifying the
performance experience, for artists and audience alike.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

<fidget>’s mission is to promote and support experimental and interdisciplinary art making.
<fidget> achieves this through the collaboration of founding artists Megan Bridge and Peter Price
in the creation, presentation, and touring of works of live performance, and through thefidget
space in Philadelphia, a venue for arts experimentation, performance, and discourse. <fidget>
values curiosity, playfulness, and rigorous investigation, and works to demystify the performance
experience and encourage conversation between artists and audiences.

Vision Statement

We envision bringing to life large-scale, immersive performance projects that allow direct
encounters with our audiences, fostering intimacy, relationship, and connection. Context is
important to us: we create access points for our audience, bringing them closer to the work by
providing frameworks (pre- or post-show talks, free educational events, social events) and
gathering spaces. At <fidget>, all are welcomed to enter the dialogue around arts and ideas.
<fidget> creates and supports work that is serious and rigorous in experimentation but also
completely open to any human being.


<fidget> strives to decrease the distance between art and life, between theory and practice.
Improvisation and collaboration are central values of our artistic practice, our curatorial platform,
and our business model. We regularly open our space, and our creative process, to collaborating
artists, researchers, and cultural workers who are making an impact on the world around us
through hundreds of daily acts of creativity and resistance to the mainstream. Our programming
is nimble and responsive, using flexibility as a strategy to navigate the rapidly changing arts
environment in American society. We see ourselves as part of a dynamic and complex ecology of
arts organizations in our local community of Philadelphia. Many parts of our culture are
dominated by competition: we sidestep this. We seek to boost our peer and partnering
organizations, witnessing their successes as our own successes.